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AMA SoundCheck provides a unique opportunity for musicians of ALL ages to join a band or even bring their own band and have the music experience of a lifetime! Come together, pick a band name, learn 4-6 tunes, rehearse at Allegra's dedicated rehearsal space and finish off the SoundCheck camp with a performance to an audience full of friends and family.

The bands will be coached an industry professional and learn how to play and perform with other musicians, performance techniques, musicianship and contemporary repertoire, all while reinforcing skills learned through private instruction! Most of all, it is a rock camp experience they will never forget! 

Why SoundCheck?

Sound Check Camp Options

We offer these 2 formats for the SoundCheck Camp Program!


9am - 1pm Monday through Friday Rehearsals
2 Weeks
Takes Place in Spring & Summer
Dress Rehearsal and Soundcheck Sessions Concert at the completion of all camps!

1 Hour 30 mins Rehearsal Weekly
12 Weeks
Take place in Fall & Winter Seasons
At End of the 12 Week Sessions, students have a Dress Rehearsal and SoundCheck Sessions Concert!

Interested in SoundCheck Sessions?

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