Private Lessons

One on one instruction with a qualified teacher allows students to learn the techniques and fundamentals that are essential while instilling a passion to learn and progress on their instrument! As well as building a foundation of music theory and general repertoire. At Allegra, we also use a consistent level and proficiency based curriculum that allows Parents, Students, and Teachers to monitor Student Progress!

Allegra Offers Private Lessons On:

  • Voice

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Bass

  • Drums

  • Saxophone

  • Clarinet

  • Flute

  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Trumpet

  • Trombone

Allegra's Private Lessons are available to ALL AGES as well as ALL SKILL LEVELS 

Private Lesson Options

  • 30 Minute Lesson Weekly 

  • 45 Minute Lesson Weekly

  • 60 Minute Lesson Weekly