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Meet the Directors



Rachael's journey in music began at the Conservatori De Liceu in Barcelona, Spain, where she immersed herself in studying various unique and diverse musical styles from around the world. Afterward, she decided to continue her education at the Boston Campus of Berklee College of Music in 2016. During her time at Berklee, she pursued a degree in Music Business Management and also pursued her passion for singing by taking a Minor in Vocal Performance. Aside from her vocal abilities, Rachael is a multi-instrumentalist, skilled in playing the keyboard, bass, and acoustic guitar. She has honed her skills as a singer-songwriter, combining her musical talents with her ability to write and compose original music. One of Rachael's true passions is teaching and mentoring others, particularly children. She has worked extensively with children of all ages, leading summer camps and pre-school classes. Through her teaching experiences, she has had the opportunity to shape young minds and inspire a love for music while creating meaningful connections with her students.

Rachael's dedication to music education and her ability to connect with others through her artistry have made her a beloved figure in her teaching roles. Her talent as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, combined with her passion for mentoring, allows her to not only share her knowledge and skills but also win the hearts of those she works with along the way.



Alex's musical journey began at a remarkably young age, as he started playing the drums when he was only three years old. By the time he reached four, he had already given his first public performance on the drums. As he progressed through middle and high school, Alex expanded his musical repertoire by learning to play the alto and tenor saxophone.

However, his passion for music didn't stop there. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2017, where he pursued a dual major in Music Business Management and Guitar Performance, Alex decided to pursue his dream of becoming a touring musician. He embarked on a journey that took him to various arenas and venues across the world, performing in genres such as pop, rock, and gospel. Over the years, Alex transitioned from drums and saxophone to become a skilled guitarist. While Alex thoroughly enjoys performing, he has found equal joy in sharing his love of music with others through teaching. For over a decade, he has been instructing students of all levels, from novices to advanced players, encompassing both children and adults. His teaching expertise spans music theory and performance, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.During the summers, Alex takes on a leadership role by leading rock camps in high schools, providing a platform for aspiring musicians to come together, learn, and collaborate. Additionally, he has offered personalized, one-on-one lessons to students during his time in college. Alex's commitment to sharing music through instruction reflects his dedication to nurturing the talents and aspirations of his students. His experiences as a touring musician have enriched his teaching style, enabling him to offer practical insights and real-world knowledge to aspiring musicians. Alex's love for music and his genuine desire to impart his skills make him a passionate and inspiring teacher.

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