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Updated Policies Regarding Covid-19

Proactive Measures to Keep Everyone Healthy

Subject to updates as we all learn together what works best.

  • Masks or cloth face coverings should be worn by Allegra Students & Staff at all times. If you do not have a mask one will be provided for you.


  • We are implementing a drop-off only rule, so no family or extra persons are waiting in the lobby/school to limit the occupancy of the building to 10 persons or under at all times


  • Fortunately our lesson rooms are big enough to support the 6ft distancing rule, but we will hold all vocal/woodwind lessons in the back rehearsal room to ensure maximum distance.


  •  Any student displaying any signs of sickness or symptoms of any kind will not be allowed into the studio.  If you have travelled out of the country or you suspect that you have come into contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19, do not attend class.  If a student shows signs of sickness during class/camp, they will be separated from their class and preparations will be made to have them picked up and sent home.

  • We will continuously be cleaning and sanitizing our facility throughout the day. This includes all seating, door handles, instruments, music stands, writing utensils as well as the restroom. 

  • For those not ready to come back, we will be continuing virtual lessons and In-Home lessons. 

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